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Brain Web Solutions combines experienced Toronto-based web professionals with complementary skills and defined specialties. We build web sites from top to bottom. The following list briefly explains our process:

1. Develop a written strategy which includes accurate time frames based on input from experienced front and back-end developers and designers

2. Prepare design templates using vector-based technology for scalability and optimized viewing

3. Execute a database integrated workflow to reduce the amount of front-end programming and bandwidth

4. Create front-end applications that display and function accurately in all MAC, PC and PDA-based web browsers using valid XHTML, CSS, PHP, XML, JavaScript, WEB 2.0, AJAX and other scripting languages

5. Provide scalable and easy-to-use content management solutions to help our clients administer their own content which eliminates the need for costly updating agreements

6. Prepare and improve web site content for clear and concise reading on the web

7. Use several state-of-the-art techniques to optimize for search engines

8. Follow up with detailed web analytics and strategies to improve the overall user-experience

Please click here for a complete list of Brain Web Solutions services.

As a standards-based firm we offer the latest technologies in a format that is accessible to all Internet users. This broadens customer reach and provides a lasting web presence that is infinitely forward-compatible. It also makes web content and company information available on many different web mediums including PDA's and cell phones which in the past were largely ignored.

The city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada has recently announced that the entire GTA will become Internet accessible by the year 2007. Brain Web Solutions offers its services to ensure your web destination is prepared for the shift and provide detailed web analytics to back up our work.

Our goal is to establish a solid technical and visual foundation for e-marketing your business and to offer lasting and informed advice to keep your Internet presence fresh and competitive for years to come.

Brain Web Solutions created this site not only as a business tool, but as a means to showcase our ability to author accessible front and back-end programming that adheres to the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Located at the bottom right-hand corner are XHTML, CSS and 508 validation links. For more information about web standards please visit the W3C web site.

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